Rarely Performed in Los Angeles

Dream Orchestra Presents Emotional Grandeur of Rossini’s
Stabat Mater on March 4 at St. Monica Catholic Church

Program includes Górecki’s stirring ‘Symphony No. 3, Second Movement’
and Overture to Verdi's 'La Forza del Destino'

                Los Angeles music lovers will enjoy the rarely performed Stabat Mater by Rossini when the Dream Orchestra presents it on March 4 at St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica.
                “With the advent of Easter, it is a wonderful time to for us to perform this work,” exclaimed Daniel Suk, Dream Orchestra Artistic Director. “It has been a long time since this has been performed in the Los Angeles area, and we are eager to share this great work with our audience.”
                The Dream Orchestra will be joined by the Opera Chorus of Los Angeles and four world-class opera soloists -- Shana Blake Hill, soprano; Lacey Jo Benter, mezzo-soprano; Hak Soo Kim, tenor and Patrick Blackwell, bass.
                 Sixteen-year-old soprano Golda Berkman will sing the Second Movement of Henryk Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 written in 1976.        
                Also, the Overture to Verdi’s opera La Forza del Destino (“The Power of Fate”) has been added to the concert program.

                Hamilton High School Choir’s 24 student singers will join the orchestra and the chorus to perform Stabat Mater.          
                Several composers have written music based upon the 13th century Catholic hymn to Mary that meditates on her suffering during the crucifixion of her son Jesus Christ.  Written at the height of the Romantic Era of music, Gioachino Rossini divided the hymn's 20 verses into 10 movements for his work that debuted in Paris in 1842. The second movement, a tenor solo, is a memorable melody and is often performed on its own.
                In a moving bonus performance, 16-year-old soprano Golda Berkman will sing the Second Movement of Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 written in 1976. The composer was inspired by words written on the wall of a Gestapo cell during World War II by 18-year-old prisoner Helena Wanda Błażusiakówna. In Polish, the words translate to “Oh Mamma do not cry – Immaculate Queen of Heaven support me always.”
                “In prison, the whole wall was covered with inscriptions screaming out loud: 'I'm innocent,' ‘Murderers,’ ‘Executioners,’ ‘Free me,’ ‘You have to save me’ – it was all so loud, so banal. Adults were writing this, while here it is an 18-year-old girl, almost a child. And she is so different,” Górecki explained.
                “She does not despair, does not cry, does not scream for revenge. She does not think about herself; whether she deserves her fate or not. Instead, she only thinks about her mother: because it is her mother who will experience true despair. This inscription was something extraordinary. An
d it really fascinated me.”


WHEN: Friday, March 4, 8 p.m

WHERE: St. Monica Catholic Church
725 California Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90403

HOW MUCH: $40 general
$30 students, senior citizens

INFO: (800) 838-8006 (brownpapertickets.com)


Artistic Director Daniel Suk